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2008-10-29 17:48:02 by screwball6

"in all actuallity mind chamber is me and u and evry1 exept tom and wade the whole site and its members are ejaculatory mind chamber but wat u dont no is mind chamber i is a goat by the of pony boy like the guy from S.E. Hilton's book the outsiders.and the moon is a giant block of cheese. and the earth is made of choclate cake with a fondo core it makes so much sense now doesnt it?"

this is a comment i left on squeky toads page after he said he was mindchamber.
makes snsetho doesnt it

and tha pope said god said lesbians are hot so i allow them to not be a sin..but gays r gay"
u new it but still im working on blender is taking up alot of time now that im home school.
1nce im done tho ill start making an animation to post on newgrounds. and then maybe orginize a colab.


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2008-11-08 05:53:07

I find that hard to believe.

screwball6 responds:

what ever