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2010-03-16 12:03:11 by screwball6

Bought a Bamboo tablet, makes the animation process go by a lot faster. Although I will admit that
I still am having troubles with the simplest of animations, Pencil is a difficult program to use, not because it's complicated, but because its so simple.


2009-07-23 05:10:03 by screwball6

I got me pencil, not as snazzy as cs4 or whatever it is called
but still makes flash animations

So I just might post some animtion

art portal

2009-06-18 19:19:47 by screwball6

well i saw it
and uploaded
used serif draw plus
thinking about uploading more

art portal

lol china= happy

2009-04-01 16:17:48 by screwball6

everthingischinafied...... AWSOME!!!
onlyissueisi cant veiwall myfavorite flashes javascript:MakeSmileySelection(19);
Mad as Hell

lol angry is happy


2008-10-29 17:48:02 by screwball6

"in all actuallity mind chamber is me and u and evry1 exept tom and wade the whole site and its members are ejaculatory mind chamber but wat u dont no is mind chamber i is a goat by the of pony boy like the guy from S.E. Hilton's book the outsiders.and the moon is a giant block of cheese. and the earth is made of choclate cake with a fondo core it makes so much sense now doesnt it?"

this is a comment i left on squeky toads page after he said he was mindchamber.
makes snsetho doesnt it

and tha pope said god said lesbians are hot so i allow them to not be a sin..but gays r gay"
u new it but still im working on blender is taking up alot of time now that im home school.
1nce im done tho ill start making an animation to post on newgrounds. and then maybe orginize a colab.

a recent photo

2008-10-21 15:54:00 by screwball6

a recent pic of me u all be jelouse of my smexy looks

a recent photo

(i cant speel)

so ive got my first anim done..i dont think ill be posting it its crap
but in working on a second(but that probly wont go through either)so ik thinking that this may be just a dream....maybe i should get flash or some other animation thinie


2008-10-13 21:47:00 by screwball6

so found a pic of me when i was like 12 and my sister dressed me up "emo"
wat was i thinking



2008-10-07 13:37:08 by screwball6

so ive been here sense 06 and no1s ever talked to me exept when some1 tried to get me banned and now i have people who ........leave comments on my pro i never thought this day would come.....but then again who cares.

also im thinking about going to a real high school (im in azva or k12as it is know acroos amreicas.i mean i just kinda sit there. doing nothing.i might go to millenium or maybe ill go to agua fria who knows

that was low

2008-10-07 12:25:26 by screwball6

mind chamber called me gay
and thinking mine hadnt gone through i posted gonna get called gay agian arnt i?

that was low